2021: A year in review

2021: A year in review

It was one heck of a year.

So…… I know 2021 was 21 days ago, but my lazy ass didn’t let me post this earlier. Anyways here it is.

2021 was many things;

  • The second year of the Corona rampage ( It had the audacity to bring forth variants.)
  • The year that completely scattered plans (Those who wrote WAEC and NECO last year know what I mean.)
  • The year of abundant memes.
  • The year of hardcore brokeness.

Here are some noteworthy events that took place last year;

  • Charlie Charlie

That game with two pencils making a cross that summons a ‘spirit’ that answers yes or no on paper. It was ridiculous I swear. It was a funny way to start the year.

  • Put your head on my shoulder………..

The Silhouette challenge. Orichinchiri. That trend was a lot. It blew up everywhere, everyone was doing it. Things were seen. It was so bad that almost every Twitter, Insta and Tiktok post was red light😂

  • Akin and Paw paw

Akin and Paw paw has always been funny, but there was something about the nostalgia it brought back that was mad mehn!!! The way scenes and clips from back then are so funny and relatable to current situations is amazing. If you don’t have at least five Akin and Paw paw stickers on your whatsapp, you must be living under a rock.

  • Sapa!!!


Shey sapa don hold you before? Lol. That man has tried. Sapa- a state of complete and utter brokeness. Inserts crying emoji 😭 The number of memes ehn just from that video!

  • U.A.R

My fellow Uarians. That’s what we were proposed to be called. A tax consultant suggested to the House of Reps to change Nigeria to U.A.R. (United African Republic/ United Alkebulan Republic.) That didn’t go well…..

  • Big Wiz and Tems to the mf world

Machala has always been a global star, but apparently time was of the essence in 2021.  Finally the world recognised our queen. He took Made in Lagos to record breaking heights. He has two grammy nominations for 2022

  • Grammys

Trust our legends; Wizzy and Burna to bring home the gold last year.

  • Gimme Love Nwantiti, Vibe killer

2021’s love song and dance anthem. Imagine my surprise seeing Ckay (Africa’s Boyfriend) taking over tiktok. It was insane. I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder repping Afrobeats as much as I did in 2021. I still don’t know the tiktok dance. Pretty much hopeless. Sigh 😪


Werey comrades better repost this post. The way y’all just add that frog to anything. The funniest one is You don’t need no other comrade. *hehe* We gas nab the person that started comrade make we give am maize.

  • Justice for Slyvester

Dowen college still needs to face the music. He is forever in our hearts. Rest in Perfect Peace. That is why you mumus out there should stop bullying and deal with your issues.

  • Crate challenge

This was just plain idiotic. You people looking for crates to injure yourselves. So many things were broken. What was the damn point exactly? At least it was funny.

  • Twitter Ban

They really showed us crazy.

After Twitter deleted President Buhari’s tweet, they banned it ASAP. Na so we see our comrades relocate to Sierra Leone, Gambia, Britain. At least them don come back this year.  VPN companies ehn, I envy all that money they made. Especially that Windscribe 😂

  • Alcohol

Even Joeboy tire for the matter. A vibey song turned to a food wasting trend. And that thing went on for weeks. From palm oil to rolling gutters. Smh. Something must have possessed people that time.

  • Davido’s Birthday

The way my eyes were just seeing millions. Where you na dey see this money now! Abeg show me the way. The way account is just dry it’s not good for a fine boy. But mehn Davido is an Icon. 30 BG!!!!

  • Shatta Wale

I don’t even know why I am adding this tbh. Guy was just spouting arrant rubbish everywhere.

  • Our able Mummy G.O

I am sure I don’t need to tell you too much about her. You must have seen her flying carpet and selling drugs ba?😂

  • Trap Lan je

How could I forget about our one and only Lil Durk. Trap lan je morning, Afternoon and Evening. Omo Trap dun gan.

2021 was anything but normal. Kini oju wa ri ehn. We thank God for his mercies throughout last year!

January don do me strong thing sef. But we meuveeee. Big things 2022. 

What was your favourite thing about 2021? Any trends we missed? Let us know in the comment section.


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  1. It’s the shatta wale diss for me mehnn😹😹😹

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  5. You forgot to add some sporting moment 🥺

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