Another cycle around the sun

These past 365 and a ¼ days have been one of the most impactful years of our time. It’s hard to fit all the events of the year into a singular entry. It’s that much encompassing. But despite all that has taken place this year, it is important if for just one thing: Resilience.

Due to the uniqueness of this year, this post is a bit different. Prepare to transition into a variety of eye-opening experiences.

In usual fashion, grab your snacks, find a quiet optimal space and dive into this beautifully crafted stroll down memory lane.

Avid readers, this is 2023, an Afro Teens Review.

The Monumental Events

Announcing their presence at every nook and cranny of globe, these occurrences left permanent impressions. These are the affairs that shook the world.

A Timeline

Major Political Events

  • Bola Tinubu Ahmed was sworn in as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the 29th of May, after winning the 2023 presidential elections. His period in office till date has witnessed a variety of major events and decisions in Nigeria. The removal of fuel subsidy shortly after his inauguration, scarcity of local currency, the alarming devaluation of Naira against foreign currencies, and his turbulent outing as chairman of ECOWAS has put the country in an unfamiliar state of confusion and given a frightening sense of uncertainty.
  • The rise of coups. For the past three years, there have been a record nine coups in Africa. On the 26th of July, Niger witnessed the removal and restriction of President Mohammed Bazoum. The military leaders who swiftly took charge of the country’s affairs charged him for treason and nullified the country’s constitution. Soon after on the 30th of August, yet another coup d’etat succeeded. This time it ended President Ali Bongo’s reign, implementing General Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema has the nation’s president on the 4th of September.
  • The Israel-Hamas war. The month of October was a brutal one in the Middle East. The conflict began with Hamas-led militant groups launching attacks on southern Israel from the Gaza strip. This eventually led to retaliation from Israel and a subsequent invasion into the Gaza strip.
  • A new king is crowned. The United Kingdom and the rest of the world saw the coronation of the 13th British monarch; King Charles III.
  • Climate change. In 2023, it was reported that global temperatures reached a high never seen before. The evidence of these sweltering temperatures are variety of disasters including; extreme floods, devastating droughts and raging fires. The climate scene was terrible these past 12 months.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI in its many forms took the world by storm, particularly OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It broke a technological record by having a 100 million subscribers in a single month and 25 million in a day. The implementation of AI into our collective society brought about an ever-growing conversation about its impact and influence, positively and negatively.

The Cultural Panorama

2023 had a huge influence on the entertainment scene.

  • The AMVCAs – The ninth edition of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards were a stunning display of all things African; Extravagant Elegance. Celebrating the beauty of African Cinema, celebrities and honored guests dazzled the event at Lagos State, Nigeria with breathtaking, innovative designs that left the world breathless. Sprinkle some stellar performances, tear-jerking acceptance speeches and you have a rendezvous for the ages.
  • The Writers and Actors strike. Hollywood was particularly stunned with the strikes undergone by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). It was hefty 5-month strike with rescheduling of tv shows, movies and the likes. This was all due to the unfair contracts the Hollywood Studios had with professionals in the field.
  • The ascension of Afro beats. Slowly but surely, Afro beats has been building its way to global recognition. With the rise of chart topping records such as; Calm Down, Water, Timeless, I Told Them, Rush, Fountain Baby, Mnike to name a few, there were massive wins for the African music scene. From the VMAs’ Afro beats category to the Grammys’ Best African Music Performances, it is just the beginning.
  • The Barbieheimer apocalypse. The anticipation of these highly anticipated movies was a cultural wave. With the donning of the movies’ theme colours, the 21st of July saw a monumental display of fandom.
  • Hilda Baci: World Record Chef. The Guiness World Record would never have expected the stupendous win, Nigerian Chef; Hilda Bassey accomplished. With a time of 93 hours and 11 minutes of non-stop cooking, she broke the then record for longest cooking marathon, marking her in the annals of history.
  • One company; Oceangate. On June 18, 2023, the company’s submersible named Titan containing five passengers imploded, thereby killing them in its attempt to explore the ruins of the Titanic. An hour 45 minutes into the deep-sea dive, all communications with the seacraft were lost. Four days later, a remotely operated underwater vehicle discovered parts of the Titan in a debris field. The activities of this company generated a worldwide question; How far is too far?


2023 wasn’t short of its own share of deaths.

  • The Hamas-Israeli war. The armed conflict has witnessed a horrifying 22,000 plus Palestinian deaths. A majority of these losses are civilians. The destruction of Gaza has provided a barely humane environment for people to live with it being regarded as an open-air prison. Shortage of food, water and shelter and separation of families are just the surface of the unimaginable horrors.
  • Genocide in Congo. A staggering six million deaths and six million displacements, has left Congo an absolute nightmare. Foreign powers have been stealing the country’s valuable resources leaving it desolate. Tales of child labour, impoverished families, Conflicts are seemingly endless, and suffering is at an all-time high.
  • Earthquakes in Morocco. On the 8th of September, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake, ravaged Morocco, killing and severely injuring thousands of people. Entire regions have witnessed mass devastation and chaos due to this disaster.


2023 has been no doubt an eventful to say the least. With its incredible highs and devastating lows, the world won’t forget its impact anytime soon. The events of the past 52 weeks have imprinted warnings and lessons to heed and learn from 2024 calls for a light in the darkness, a hopeful and positive outlook for the future.

To a Happy New Year,

Afro Teens.

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