A day at Ikeja City Mall

Today, or depending when I post this or you see it, I went with my fam to ICM. Although I have been there many times, I have never thought of writing about it. So here is a day in the life at Ikeja City Mall.

 According to Wikipedia it was officially opened on the 14th December 2011. (Thanks Wiki!) It is located at 194 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Alausa 100001, Ikeja

7.4 km. It’s close to the Alausa secretariat and Governor’s office.

There are 90+ stores (including restaurants) and two floors.

     This is what we normally do when we go there.

Inside Ikeja City Mall
  1. Movies: First thing we always do especially when it is a big family outing is the movies at Silverbird galleria. My favourite part of the movies is the 4Dx experience where the chairs move like they are in what you are watching. 
  2. The next thing as expected is some food: We try different restaurants but the most often is Debonairs Pizza. 
  3. Shopping: There are many stores with many things to buy. There is a Shoprite for groceries and the likes. There is Levi’s, Minso, Redtag, for clothes, there is slot, istore, Tecno etc to buy tech stuff. It’s a wonderful place to spend your money.
  4. Window shopping: For things we can’t buy, there’s always the option to window shop, viewing and trying out fascinating products.

If there is anything you do when you go out to ICM or any other mall, let us know in the comment section.

N.B: This post is not sponsored by ICM or any other company.

Stay safe 😷 and lots of love❤🤎🖤

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