Africa, One of a kind

(Title from Angelique Kidjo’s new song of the same name. Go listen!!!)

My Africa! My Africa!!, eh!

I really encourage you to listen to this song as you read this. Its fine. Stop reading, go listen or download on Spotify, or whichever, just go listen.

I believe that this song represents perfectly, no missing detail what it means to be truly African. And 4 time Grammy winner and extraordinary artiste; The beautiful Angelique Kidjo in collaboration with the amazing Mr Eazi and the Golden Voice of Africa; Salif Keita, have wonderfully incorporated it into this song. There are so many meanings to the title of an African. To me it means Strength, Tradition, Love, and Culture . Despite our every day struggles living in our beautiful continent or anywhere across the globe, the most important thing is repping our culture whenever, wherever.

“The others must be blind to not see how special you are.”

We don’t swing across vines, ride on animals, but still we are special throughout our bodies. It’s time for the rest of the world to see us for what we truly are; many different people together as one.  Lets tell our stories, sing our songs, and display our beautiful culture.

Remember that you have Africa flowing through you. Embrace your heritage! Stand tall and high.

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