An Interview with Flames Record Label

Flames Record in its short time of launch since 2020 has released quite a number of covers and songs. Ranging from songs like Draco by Drako to Boss by Ahlex, Flames Record has accomplished a lot already.

AT: What is Flames Record Label?

Marcus: Flames Record Label is a Nigerian based and founded Record, founded in 2020 by young recording producer, myself; Marcus Derek.

AT: What was the inspiration that led to it?

Marcus,I’m interested in knowing, what gave you the idea to go into a completely new field like this?

Marcus: Flames Record was inspired by a friend and signed artiste Drako and his first release Draco. From there, many more artistes have been signed and songs released.

AT: Why Music?

I mean there are a lot of fields

Marcus: Music is a career feeding millions of people worldwide,  with so many people out there with this great talent; Music ๐ŸŽถ 

AT: It is quite extraordinary to be a young founder of a record label. How does it feel?

I mean it’s rare to find someone your age venturing into producing.  Producing itself is hard and requires a lot of focus and attention. And you manage to do all this as a student. 

Marcus: I think as one of the youngest music producers and promoting managers out there, its like an unexplainable feeling occupying the position. It’s amazing how well things have been going and I am proud of myself

I really want to give all the glory to God cause, all of this, every single thing is by Him. And he has helped me this far. Its not by my power โค

AT: Any Artistes that we must have heard about? 

Marcus: There are many you should have heard about like; Drako, Dj Cool vibes, Atom 101 and Ahlex.

AT: Lastly, any words for your loyal supporters there?

Marcus: To everyone supporting Flames Record,  financially,  emotionally (mostly financially) and with encouraging words, I can’t begin to thank you enough. With all hopes and putting my best in, I pray I never let anyone of you down.

Thanks for talking with us Marcus

We wish you the very best.

Afro Teens here, please check out Flames Record. 

Stay Safe and spread some love

Stick around for more from Flames Record and its CEO Marcus.

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    So great
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    I am impressed by all this keep it up๐Ÿ‘


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