Happy St. Valentine’s day

This opinion piece reflects on Valentine’s Day, touching on its historical origins, from ancient Roman festivals to the commercialization of the modern celebration. It criticizes the current expectations and performative aspects of expressing love, proposing a return to sincere, meaningful displays of affection. The writer urges a focus on authenticity, tailored gestures, and self-love, regardless of relationship status, to truly honor the essence of Valentine’s Day.

The Collective Gen Z Angst

This piece explores the unique challenges faced by generation Z (Zoomers), born between the mid-1990s and mid-2010s. It highlights their struggle to navigate through troubling global events, from COVID-19 to conflict situations, using the internet as their primary source. Despite inherent fears and traumas, the author emphasizes their resilience, ability to change world narratives, and commitment to creating a peaceful future civilization.

The Realities of Living in Another Country

The writer, a Nigerian studying in Mauritius, shares their experiences ranging from their transition to life in the diaspora, the challenges and excitement of independent travel, adapting to a new culture, negotiating university life, and the financial implications of exploration. The essence is the journey of young adulthood, asserting that navigating adult life differs per individual, yet remains a universal experience.