Embarking on a Culinary Journey

Jollof Rice & Assortments

P.s: This is weird, but just go with it

Typically, it is a staple for any Nigerian occasion. There’s a reason why it is the poster cuisine for the country. As I see the onions, pepper and tomato paste simmering, jumping, and mixing in a perfect harmony of red in the huge pot, I know, I can just intuitively tell that it’s going to be spectacular. The smoky aroma I perceive is an indication to my senses that it’s going to be a masterpiece. Now that I see the feast before my eyes; the dark orange of each grain, the finely fried piece of turkey, alongside the small, magnificent cubes of fried plantain, a small drop of saliva drops in response. One forkful, containing all the vibrance of the dish lands perfectly on my tongue. Each rice grain is neither too hard, nor too soft, the plantain is exactly as it should be. Just the right consistency of chewiness. The juices and the spice that coats the turkey finally ties it all together. Almost immediately, there’s an immense euphoria from the artistically crafted blend of flavours. Impeccable seasoning with a hint of seductive spice. Suddenly, I’m walking down memory lane, glancing at all the times I have tasted such beauty. Moments like this are a pleasant escape of life’s troubles. It’s a rush.

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  1. This vivid portrayal of the culinary journey through Jollof Rice & Assortments not only tantalizes the taste buds but also serves as a sensory time machine, transporting readers to cherished memories. The author’s eloquent description captures the essence of the dish, celebrating the artistry of its preparation and the euphoria induced by its flavors. Indeed, this piece goes beyond a mere exploration of food; it is a poetic ode to the joy and escape found in the perfect blend of spices and textures.

  2. great

  3. My favorite blog post yet……you’ve eloquently described a feeling most Nigerians (and Africans) can relate to. The detail with which you described the processes and feelings involved in this dish took ME down memory lane.

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