End SARS : Through the eyes of 3 teens. (An immersive perspective)

(Part 1)

Fatima’s Story

Hi, I’m Fatima

On Monday (two weeks ago), I woke up and got ready for school only that I couldn’t. At the time the school bus was to come, I received a text from my school saying there was no school that day. It was really unexpected and then I  began to understand how bad the protests were getting. I spent the rest of the day keeping tabs on the protests and everything going on.

The next day I got ready again for school but I was disappointed to find out school was cancelled again. I took the rest of the day to find out how my friends and their families were doing. But nothing was going to prepare me for the “Lekki Massacre.” Images and videos of dead people and shootings and chaos flooded my social media feeds. Horrific videos and images I couldn’t seem to get out of my head. I was extremely scared, I began to feel people’s pain and the seriousness of the #End SARS protests. I was so close to tears seeing a Nigerian’s blood on Nigeria’s national flag and seeing how that symbol meant nothing at that time. I became extremely scared and I made sure all my loved ones were doing okay. Then I prepared to go to sleep but I couldn’t. I had to talk to someone about it. The whole event made me paranoid and confused, it took talking to a friend to make things a little better.

How do you feel about the End SARS movement?

I am angry about what happened that night. I am angry because it seems like the government is not interested in solving this unrest. I feel sad about the families that lost their loved ones and those gave their lives for the protests. I feel sad that lives seem to be lost in vain. I feel bad that some bodies didn’t get proper burials. I feel angry that we didn’t get what we wanted. Also that hoodlums are turning the peaceful protests into chaotic ones. I am angry because people question what happened and say that no one died and it was fake blood on the flag. I’m constantly worried that things won’t change and only get worse

What are your hopes for Nigeria? 

I am hopeful things will change, because it can only get better right? I pray for new oppurtunities for people and for better lives for everyone.

Thanks for sharing Fatima.

It’s my pleasure.

Mazi’s story

My name is Opara Michael popularly known as MAZI, this past few weeks have been emotionally draining on everyone including me. As a police child, I know first-hand how bad things are. When I first heard they were moving around the barracks killing police and their children I was scared to death thinking sooner or later they were going to find us. Every morning, I go to my balcony watching if I was going to see a mob coming close to us but fortunately they never came and for that I’m grateful to God. Usually, everytime I wake up I hear the sound of cars and bikes moving from one place to another, I see people going to their various destinations but for the past two weeks it has been empty like there was some kind of apocalypse or something. I’m not gonna lie, I was and still terrified thinking sooner or later we were going to be singled out for being children of civil servants. I am the last of three children and I hope I can feel safe in my country.

How do you feel about the End SARS movement ?

Okay well my opinion about #ENDSARS, is that the brutality has to stop. We are Nigerians and we have the right to feel safe. I support the #ENDSARS protest one hundred percent cause as a teenager.The protest really gave me hope that there is a chance for a better Nigeria, and for a better Africa. I want to beckon on our government to help end Sars and police brutality.

What are your hopes for Nigeria?

I would love a country where I can be proud to call my own and feel safe and loved. A Nigeria where I wont be scared to voice out my opinions.

Thanks for sharing Mazi

It’s cool

Korede’s story

Hey !I’m Korede.

The events of these past few weeks have been a lot to take in. Even though the lockdown gave me the chance to stay at home, it hasn’t been that fun. Usually when I go to bed and wake up, I always hear the sounds of cars beeping and zooming past but now it’s weirdly quiet. Life around me seems strange. The usual movement and everything has changed. I woke up on the 21st of October to find out about the “Lekki Massacre” . Since the first days of the protests I always checked Twitter to see what was happening. I couldn’t believe what I saw. The sight of all that violence left me weeping. I don’t think I’ve seen my mom cry that much before. The news of the hoodlums and more shootings broke me. I was scared, confused and worried. The silence of the government shocked me the most, how it seemed like our pain was not important or worth noticing. But I admired the courage and bravery of all those protesters. How even in the face of death, they kept their plans to heart. They cleaned up messes, contributed money and resources for those that needed it. It showed me that no matter the circumstance that we can unite under one goal.

How do you feel about the End SARS movement?

I am in full support of it. It is a true cause against the crimes of SARS and against the different hardships in Nigeria. I feel it’s a revolution for change and a better Nigeria. I am proud to see the power of Nigerians when we work together under a common goal.

What are your hopes for Nigeria?

I hope for permanent changes in the police force. I hope for a better Nigeria that I can be proud of. And I hope for chaos to stop.

Thanks for sharing Korede

Thank you for listening.

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