It is everywhere. On twitter, Instagram, facebook, continuously trending and for good reasons too. But what is End SARS about?

SARS stands for; Special Anti-Robbery Squad and it is a division of the Nigerian Police force. SARS was formed in 1992 to combat armed robbery and other serious crimes.The aim or objective of SARS is to help with eliminating or reducing robbery but it seems like over the years they have grown a mind of their own. SARS officials have been known to be ruthless, trigger happy people killing innocent people they assume to be ‘yahoo boys‘ (internet fraudsters) without any proof. Over the years the Nigerian government has promised countlessly to reform the division, and ensure accountability to human rights but few results are to be seen. 

Fig 1; Innocent people killed by SARS officials


SARS officials are believed to be ruthless people who deliberately detain and harm young Nigerians who they suspect to be engaged in illegal activities (cyber crime usually) or those with dreadlocks, tatoos, attractive clothing, expensive phones and laptops.

They are also known for the killings of many nigerians over the years


Since the 8th of October, 2020 peaceful protests started nationwide calling out the government to completely remove the SARS unit. The protests started as a reaction to a video of a SARS official shooting a young man in Delta state. These protests have only been responded to by violence by the police, but still Nigerians are still protesting. Protesting and calling out our rights is not usually a thing in Nigeria. Protests happen in Universities but they are abruptly stopped when they are responded with violence. But Nigerians have refused to back down from this fight. These protests have put Nigerians under a different light these days. Celebrities like WIzkid, Davido, Burna boy have been using their online platforms to raise awareness about what’s happening. Nigerians have contributed millions of Naira to help keep these protests going. Food, charging stations, transportation, speakers and microphones have all been donated to support the protesters. These contributions show that we in this new age can come together on one goal.

How you can do your  part

  1. Tweet, Post and share: We need everyone around the world to hear and talk about it. We need to create awareness, so that we can get results. Tweet, post and share so that it will be everywhere.
  2. Tag influential people: Tagging celebrities makes their fan bases aware and this helps a lot to the cause.
  3. Protest or support the protest: Protesting alongside other people helps build morale and motivation. If you don’t have the ability to protest, you can support or encourage protesters. Just saying; ‘Good job” or “well done” fuels them to do more. Share food and other resources they might need because a cause like this takes a lot of strength.
  4. Talk about it: The Yorubas say ‘Ẹnu naa rin irin-ajo siwaju ju awọn ẹsẹ lọ’ meaning (our mouths travel farther than our legs.). This way we can get people talking about.
  5. Prayers: Most importantly we need your prayers. Many protesters have been killed without a second thought, yet people are still selflessly protesting. So whenever you get a chance to pray remember the end sars protesters.

The same way we put our hearts and souls to the Black Lives Matter cause and Lebanon let’s put our best efforts to END SARS and police brutality in Nigeria.

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