Harmattan in Nigeria

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Oye ti de!, Yorubas would say. Harmattan to me is a very unusual season. I have to wear a sweater but at the same time, I am sweating. It is a very weird season for most people. Harmattan is a period in some West-African countries where cold winds blow clouds of dust and sand from the Sahara desert.  It usually starts from mid-November to February. Harmattan most times changes your routine. 

It starts with waking up. The dusty air wakes you up from sleep feeling weird. You go to brush, the water is freezing. If you are feeling like a warrior go and bathe with water from the tap wa mo. I remember in boarding school, that it was horrible bathing during harmattan. To make sure you don’t die from the cold, you’ll have to look for the warmest place (which isn’t much warm) and brave the cold. Back to the routine; You are going to school, the sun is hot but you aren’t sure if you should wear a sweater or something. Lip balms are a must if you don’t want your lips peeling constantly ( if it is a really bad harmattan it isn’t much help). Your skin is ashing like you poured powder on it. So you have to carry some Vaseline or Ori on you at all times. Wahala for who no dress well because the dust that enters your hair, eyes, mouth and nose no be here. The dust gets to your polished shoes and makes you wonder if there’s any point to polishing your shoe. When you get home, you find everywhere dusty. Even though mopping might help in making it clean, in a few days it will be even dustier. 

TIPS: If you need some heat rub some Aboniki balm on your chest. If you have asthma, this is the worst time not to be careful.

Harmattan is a season that heeps you taking extra care of yourself

Even though harmattan keeps you on edge, reminds you that Christmas is coming. Like Winter is the staple for Christmas for countries who get it, the same is for harmattan. It reminds you that in a month or so, you’ll be going out for Christmas. Some years when there isn’t much harmattan Christmas seems dull. Anyways as we anticipate harmattan take care of yourself and enjoy the cold.

Merry Christmas in advance

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Stay safe.

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