How to make Fried rice (Afro Teens style)

Fried rice is a common delicacy served at events and at home in different countries in the world. Here are 8 easy steps on how to cook Fried rice.

NB: This is Fried rice according to our recipe

Let’s cook!

Step 1: Gather your ingredients

Ingredients are the basis of very meal, and to make fried rice you need;

  1. Onions.
  2. Vegetables (carrots, sausages, green peppers, spring onions, green peas, green beans and sweat corn)
  3. Rice.
  4. Meat.
  5. Liver.
  6. Chicken or Turkey.
  7. Vegetable oil.

The ingredients you decide to use all depend on your preference. For instance; you could use chicken instead of meat, or you could decide on not using liver. Or using kidney beans.


Step 2: Gather your spices

Spices and herbs add extra flavor to your food and they can be very important in determining how nice your food tastes and looks. Here are your spices;

  1. Fried rice spice/ Curry : Give your food that trademark green tint/ color
  2. Salt.
  3. Seasoning cubes (e.g. Maggi, Knorr, Gino, Royco)
  4. Black pepper: adds a peppery flavor.
  5. Ground ginger
  6. Garlic salt. etc.

You can add almost any spice you want. Remember this is our own take recipe.

NB: Adding too much spices can ruin your food. Add in little doses and continue tasting till it is just right.

Step 3: Cook your rice

Firstly, take your rice according to these factors;

how much you want to cook or the number of people you want to cook for.

Next, you parboil the rice and sieve. Then add some water and little salt (because we are still adding salt to the ingredients) and cook till it is almost soft.

Step 4: Fry all your ingredients

Now, this is the time we advice you to pay a bit of attention. We like to get the oil on fire for a few minutes before adding the ingredients. We add the hard ingredients first till it comes to the soft ones. Our reason for doing so; is to make sure that all the ingredients are on the same level of softness. But if you prefer your ingredients crunchy, you can just dump them in the oil at the same time.

Note: Add spices as you are frying so that the ingredients soak up some flavor.

Your frying should look like these.

Step 5: Mix your rice and ingredients together.

This step is as easy as it looks. Put your already cooked rice on a low heat and add the fried ingredients to the rice and mix thoroughly.

or you could add the rice to the ingredients (that means you fry the ingredients in a pot).

Step 6: Add curry and other spices to the rice mixture

As you mix your rice add suitable amount of spices to it. Most importantly, you add curry because it gives it that signature green color. Adding too much curry or fried rice spice can really overpower your food and makes it look like the green in the Nigerian flag 😂.


Step 7: Let it simmer for a few minutes

Cooking for a minutes allows the rice to get softer (remember we didn’t cook the rice completely)

Don’t let it burn.🔥

At the end of all these steps, your rice should look like this;

Step 8 : Serve your food

All these steps should lead you to a nice plate of food accompanied with a nice chilled drink.

Thanks for reading 😉

….🤎Afro Teens.

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