How to Price (Haggle)

How to Price

(A life lesson)

Pricing is one of those things you need to know. Why won’t you know how to price anyway?! Especially in Nigeria! Well, this post is exactly what you need to know how to become pro pricers like us.

Jsyk*, pricing is the simple essential art of manipulating or haggling prices of stuff to suit your preference. In simple terms, it’s trying to reduce the amount of money you spend on buying a particular good.

The best way to learn this important skill is by practicing. Going to the market often, or rather observing your parents (especially mums) buying stuff. Nigerian moms can price ehn, sometimes it’s like aren’t you going to let the seller gain anything at all?

Skills needed for Pricing

·       Confidence: To price, you need to show that you are confident even if you aren’t really. When you are confident, you show the seller, your challenger, that you know what you are doing and most importantly, what you are saying.

·       Stubbornness: Yes, you read it right, you need to be stubborn. Stand your ground, as far as you are concerned you are right. After all, the customer is always right.

·       Be flexible and able to compromise: It’s important that you gree** abeg***. Don’t be one of those obstinate people who make scenes everywhere.

·       Always be suspicious: It’s a dog eat dog world. Even that guy that calls you his “regular customer” doesn’t always have your back. He too gets as much profit as he can from you.

·       Be calculating and take risks: Know the best way to make the situation workout for you. Whine the woman a bit, exclaim a bit; Nawa oh****, this country sef***** .

·       Lastly; get angry or at least fake it: Yes, you are free to. Some of these people can just exaggerate prices, like what happen? So yes you can be angry at them, especially those ok/the-fast-paced-tales-of-okadas/ada men.

NB: Biko, please, abeg, don’t begin to disgrace yourself and start pricing everywhere. Like at the supermarket, there are already determined/fixed prices for the stuff there. Don’t start pricing with the cashier. We are not there.

How to Price

So here’s a few ways we price and circumstances you can apply them.

Fatima: About pricing, I don’t have a lot of experience, but I feel like pricing in the MARKET is important because if you don’t, you might have to pay wayyyyyy more than you should. It’s especially important to have an idea of the price of what you want to buy so you know how to price.🤔 We can also learn from our African Mothers.😹

Bear in mind that you can’t price goods everywhere. Some stores have a fixed price

Mazi: If I don’t know the regular price of what I want to buy, I try to force how much I am willing to pay on them. If the seller(s) don’t agree, I walk away or pretend to until they call me back to buy at my price. If they don’t, I look for another person.

Korede: Even when I know the price has increased, I pretend like I don’t know. I act surprised like; Ha I didn’t know oh, haba nawa oh. You no fit sell am like that for me. You know normal whining.😏

That’s all for our pricing article, if you have any questions, let us know. Also share your pricing methods and experiences with us at our handles

Stay safe🤎

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