Introspection & Rediscovery

Inner Mantra for today: Ayo, I’m not even gonna lie,  I used to call myself an ugly yout, but I’m not even an ugly youth. I’m a sexy yout, you understand.

Introspection /ɪntrəˈspɛkʃən/

The process of looking inward to examine and reflect upon one’s thoughts, feelings and mental states. It involves self-analysis and self awareness to gain a deeper understanding of one’s inner experiences and emotions.


Rediscovery /rɪdɪˈskʌvəri/

The act of discovering something again, often after it has been forgotten, lost or overlooked. It implies a renewed awareness or recognition of something that was previously known or explored.

The two words: Introspection and Rediscovery are very interesting. In most scenarios, whether it’s relationships, beliefs, convictions, or perceptions, there’s always change. A turning point. This realisation comes at different times for various reasons. 

It’s very easy to get swept up by the s**t life throws quite often. One day, everything seems to be right on track, the next thing you know, it’s all upside down. It is a beautiful but yet complex thing to be a teenager (sexy yout )at this moment in history. We are faced with so many sensitive issues so often that being in tune with what goes on everyday is a core concept of being “Gen Z”. There’s no set guidebook or manual to navigate this dynamic life being who we are. 

No two persons perceive the same experience the same way.

That’s why Introspection & Rediscovery are such important things to practice.

Make no mistake, this writer is a bundle of emotions. But I’ve found these concepts help to keep one slightly grounded (even if its just a bit).

How do you even begin to Introspect?

  • Pour out your feelings.

The importance of journaling or intentional recording is so underappreciated. Journaling is one of the purest forms of self expression. 

The concept is based on the notion that writing your thoughts down can help you to better understand and process them. It can help to identify behavioural and thinking patterns.

(Enough with the over analysis. Here are some quick starters to pick up journaling)

  • Get a journal that’s attractive and comfortable to use.
  • Set aside time to intentionally journal. Be it 5 mins or an hour, the important thing is that you start. 
  • Go with the flow. In my case, following a specific template tends to be restrictive. But if that works for you, by all means go for it!
  • Be completely honest with yourself. Raw, unfiltered honesty is crucial. You have to face the cold, hard truth of your feelings to grow.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different journaling styles.
  • Exploring foreign concepts

It takes a random conversation or TikTok to get you thinking that your whole perspective of things could take some readjusting. Adopting a different mindset or pov even temporarily is crucial for introspection. It challenges your ideals and creates room for growth in a sense. While it is important to stay true to what makes you unique.


‘Rediscovery is not about looking for something new, but rather about seeing something old in a way’ – Eckhart Tolle.

-Eckhart Tolle

The essential thing is to give yourself time and trust your intuition. 

I know this seems like the conventional motivational talk you find every now and then, but it’s really not. It’s a reminder to take things easy with yourself and grow at your own pace. 

Stick around to see how we have taken a new approach to rediscovering our magic.

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  1. What a beautifully written piece on introspection and rediscovery! Your words resonate with the complexities of life and the challenges faced by today’s generation. The importance of understanding and embracing change, the power of introspection, and the journey of rediscovery are all elegantly explored.

    Your insights into journaling as a form of self-expression are valuable, reminding us of the significance of raw, unfiltered honesty. The encouragement to experiment with different journaling styles and to adopt different mindsets for personal growth is truly inspiring.

    This article serves as a thoughtful reminder to be kind to ourselves and embrace our unique journeys. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and motivation. I look forward to reading more about your approach to rediscovering your magic.

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