My ongoing experience with WAEC

These exams have put more fear in me than anything I can remember at this point. I hear it everyday, as it looms closer that the exams are knocking. From Jss1, you here WAEC and how important it is, but it really hits in Ss3. Where what you write determines a lot in the future.
Even registering was something. You over-crosscheck sef 😭Because as you might know by now it is extremely important. Every detail sticks forever.
I know it seems like I am making a big deal of what many people before and after me have written and will write, but it is not easy to relate. You get me?
Another side to it is that a new part of your life is coming. University. It just shows the natural progression of Life. Meeting new people, making new mistakes and everything is the joy of these exams.
So good luck to everyone like me writing soon
Lots of Love. 💜🤎
Let me know how you are feeling about WAEC in the comments 👇🏽

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