Rain in Lagos

Rain rain go away, I heard the little children sing.

The exclaims of distressed market women,

Trying to protect their wares. 

And as soon as lightning strikes to go out no one dares.

I could hear the pitter patter of rain on the rooftops.

I preferred it fell in torrents rather than in drops.

There is something wonderful about the rain,

So wonderful I can hardly explain. 

It brings about warmth and solace, 

Making me wish it would rain always.

To some it was a curse,

To many it was a blessing.

While farmers anticipated the cold rainy season,

It ruined the labour of so many,

And leaves them with not a single kobo.

There’s something peaceful about the rain,

I want it to rain again.

Written by Temidayo Bamidele and Korede


  1. Aww❤️❤️..I love this…keep d good work

  2. Ok good one kids

  3. Beautiful one guys

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