A guide to taking killer photos

Sure it’s easy to just pick up a phone, open the camera app and take a photo. But more often than not, they hardly turn out as aesthetically pleasing without some certain effort put in. I feel particularly as a Gen Z teen, regular poses or compositions don’t gather attention. There needs to be something unusual and attractive. So that’s what this post is for, to solve that “non-photogenic” problem. We are here to make sure nobody’s picture looks like God Forbid.

Meet Classic.

Classic is a top-notch content creator that I have had the opportunity to meet. He has had first-hand experience in all kinds of photography, cinematography, and video graphics. So basically we are dealing with valid advice.

I believe that I take moderately good pictures (turning on the modesty to a 100) so I guess I am qualified in some way to give a few side tips.

In usual fashion, let’s get into it (yuh!)

Classic’s Tips

Welcome to my session, I’ll be giving some pointers I apply in my photography to take those quality pictures for the gram and other socials.

Step 1 (Read in TikTok. It’s a joke.)

Make sure your camera is sharp and clear.
A clear camera would give you a nice picture, but details won’t be there, or as pronounced as desired. Sometimes a sharp camera would give you premium details, but certain aspects won’t necessarily be clear.

Step 2

Be conversant with your environment. If you’re going for a cinematic look, make the background/surroundings look rugged. If you want a smart look, find a chic location. (Chic as in giving office/serious vibes). A playboy/hot girl style would need a colourful environment (e.g Graffiti). Backgrounds play an essential role in how your pictures look.

Step 3

Jot down your ideas (Have a specific plan).
Research is important. Have a picture reference of the shoot you want to try out. Get an idea of how the pictures should turn out. There are some cases where locations charge per hour. If there isn’t a mapped-out plan, a waste of time and resources are sure to happen.

Step 4

Organize your intended clothes/outfit.
There’s something I usually say; “Map out what you want to do before you come out to take a picture “. The clothes must complement each other. The outfit should blend to a certain extent with your chosen background. Baseline: Avoid dressing like a vomited mix of colours.

Step 5

Have jewellery or bold fashion items on to make your outfit pop. Stuff like beads, rings, necklaces, Cubans, kaftans, head warmers, glasses, bandanas and the likes.

If any more tips come to mind, I’ll be sure to let y’all know.

Thanks, Classic, for your amazing tips. Hopefully, it inspires a wave of fire pics all over the net.

My Tips

1. Be easy on the editing (Zukwanike!)
*In case you didn’t know, Zukwanike means rest. All credit goes to @aady._ (Adanna on TikTok) for this wonderful statement. Zukwanike warriors unite!*
Back to topic though. There are some “individuals” who are guilty of overediting. If engaging in photo overexposure was a crime, these people would be locked in the deepest darkest cells. (All jokes abeg). I won’t give you the satisfaction of naming these individuals. Please don’t let the skin colour in the image start looking orange before you stop editing. T for Thanks.

2. Poses. I am not coming for this “group of individuals” again to be honest. It’s just that they happen to fall into this category ironically. There are many poses out there on Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok that one can emulate. It doesn’t have to be the “head down making you notice the phone in my hand” pose. It’s about time that we get rid of it.

3. Try new angles. Place your phone at different heights or points of view to get a unique image.

4. Be Experimental.

5. Be creative and have fun with it. At the end of the day, what truly matters is you love the picture you have taken. Your opinion and feelings come first before anyone else’s.

Thank you so much for getting this far in the post. You have my complete appreciation.

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  1. This article was really enlightening.
    Thank you!
    Zukwanike?? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. Yes Zukwanike ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

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