So I started learning how to drive yesterday………

So I started learning how to drive yesterday………

Driving is an interesting subject. Especially in Lagos where you see so many peculiar driving styles. Driving I think is an enjoyable activity. Trying it out for the first time today, gave me a better appreciation for boss drivers. The real MVPs, the agbas.  Those people that speed and make ridiculously sharp turns. That skill is an art.

BTW I’m learning manual and it’s hard, like why was this invented in the first place???

Driving also makes you much more aware of how insane people drive, especially public transport. It’s really baffling how they drive in Lagos. I guess that’s why they tell you to assume that you are the only sane person on the road. The only way we can help to stop this road madness is to tell them directly, not passing through the corners. Tell them; Sir you are speeding, e ni suru 😑🙄 . Tell that Okada man he should calm down if he doesn’t want to see crazy😏. Hopefully, surely we will eradicate this craziness.

I’m curious, how have your experiences with driving been like ? (if you have driven before)

On the note of driving, read our last post on Traffic experience.

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Stay safe😷

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