The Adventure chronicles; A trip to Lekki Conservation Centre.

A visit to Lekki Conservation Centre

LCC as I choose to call it is one of those places in Lagos that doesn’t get the hype it deserves. Going there, I didn’t have any expectations because I didn’t know much about it. So this post is for YOU, someone out there like me who doesn’t know about the natural beauty that is Lekki Conservation Centre. (We are in this together comrade)

Located on Km 19 Lekki-Epe expressway, Lekki Peninsula II, Lagos, Lekki Conservation Centre is a Nature Preserve established in 1990. It sits on 78 hectare land.  It is a thriving ecosystem with varying animals co-existing in the reserve.

Enough of the facts though, let me yarn you how it went. The trip was between my cousins, my siblings, auntie and mom. We headed out from Iyana-Ipaja (Lagos mainland) all the way to Lekki. The journey was anything but short. Our first hold-up was at Ile Zik all the way to Ikeja Bus Terminal.  From there to Third Mainland bridge was a smooth ride with very minimal traffic. Although the bridge wasn’t as free as I thought it would be. After 2 hours of driving, we finally reached our destination.  I have to say Lekki Traffic is not something to joke with at all. E fit show you shege.

As we entered the centre we were instructed to wear our masks throughout.  Then we waited at the reception for the tour guide to show us around. At the reception we were greeted by a family of Mona monkeys. P.s Mona monkeys are the only type of monkeys at the reserve. Before you get on the tour, you get a band you put around your wrist that allows you to go on the tour. Its surprisingly firm.

Reception with some monkeys

The footpath walk is the longest in Africa and the second longest in the world. I was hoping to see snakes and crocodiles in the swamp surrounding the footpath but there were none. There were monkeys along the way though, going about their business.  Soon enough we got to the rope bridge area. The path splits into two; more walkway and the rope bridge area. The bands signify which path you paid for.

To date, the rope bridge is the scariest thing I have ever done. In mind I imagined a straight bridge just a few feet from the ground. Omo e choke die. The entire bridge has about 5 landings. Each landing carries a maximum of 8 people, so it’s not advised to stay on one landing for too long. The first 3 sections lead up to the highest point. That part was freaking scary. We were above the trees. I don’t know why my family didn’t believe me, but I swear I could hear the ocean onG. The height wasn’t even funny ngl. From that point, the rope bridge leads down to the last stretch of walkway to the family park. Even though it was scary, it was the highlight of the trip there. I recommend doing it even if e choke. Having company around makes it way more comfortable.

The family park is where all the fun is at. As soon as you get there you are greeted with stands that sell; suya, boli, drinks, popcorn and many snacks. The park has many sitting areas with shades,  a small basketball dunking area, life size chess, ludo and checkers boards, monkey bars, platforms, hills and a huge fish pond. One of the memorable things that happened was when monkeys chased my cousin and stole his cheeseballs. That particular monkey is a very sharp one. E no dey waste time at all.

The Queen of the Chessboard

Going back to the reception you meet a dining area near the walkway and a huge treehouse. I had already had enough of heights that day, we saw one small boy with plenty liver climb the bridge. Back at the reception, we saw a tortoise and a peacock.

Overall, LCC is a beautiful place to have fun and make memories with family and friends. What would make it better in my opinion would be some slight renovations and more engaging activities.

Where else in Lagos would you like us to visit? Leave a comment below. Make sure to share!!!

Stay safe

                                                                                                         By Korede.

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