The Monumental 2023Elections.

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I am without a doubt that as a Nigerian, you must be aware of what’s happening in the next roughly 9 hours. The 2023 Elections. This has been argued to be one of the biggest and most crucial one yet.

Let’s jump right in.

Let’s go back in time for a bit.

The first ever general elections were held on the 20th of September, 1923.

The majority winner as of then was The Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP). Winning three of the four elected seats at the time.

With the exception of this elections, the most significant and perspective changing one was the 1993 General Elections.

The 12th of June, 1993 saw the freest and fairest elections. MKO Abiola, by all means succeeded in winning the elections as the most favored presidential candidate. Unfortunately, he never got to fulfill his rightful responsibilities.

So where am I going with all of these info?

This is one of those rare and unique opportunities that we can use to change the direction our country would be heading to. What makes this different from previous elections is the massive involvement of the youths. We are seeing a third prominent candidate emerge when usually in the past, there would be only two figures. Particularly the Gen Z. We have been at forefront of the waves of national distress in the past four years. That is why we are the catalyst to shaping our future.

How to vote

  1. Your PVC: Permanent Voters Card shows that you’re certified and qualified to vote. This is your one way ticket to performing your civic responsiblites.
  2. Go to your designated voting location: As of now, you should have the exact location of your polling unit ingrained in your memory. You don’t need to think twice about it.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the ballot paper: MY PEOPLE. You should already know your candidate’s party logo to the last detail. You can not and will not be allowed to be confused.
  4. Thumbprint: For this, make use of your index finger for this voting exercise.
  5. Positioning: Place said thumbprint in between the lines in front of your intended party logo. It must be a neat and efficient work.
  6. Folding: This is just as important as thumbprinting properly. You fold from right to left. This ensures that the ink is not spread where it shouldn’t be and making your vote valid.

Tips for D-day

  1. Bathe. Yes the elections are taking place from 8am to 2.30pm. The excuse that it’s early for a Saturday is a very useless one. Scrub yourself as if you’re washing a dirty white shirt.
  2. Dress appropriately: This is not the time to slay. No one is going to check who the best dresser is then. Nigerians’ heads are hot.
  3. Body spray and roll on: Hmmmmmm. The worst thing you can do that day, apart from not voting is to smell bad. You’re given free passes to over spray. Make sure you smell too good before you leave your residence.
  4. Vote and leave: It is neither the time or place for campaigning when that moment comes. Do not force your candidate down peoples’ throats. What would one moment of campaigning change compared to months of it?
  5. Do not fight: There should be absolutely no rustle and tumbling going on. A serene and orderly space ensures the best voting sequence.

Remember the Covid period. The 8 month strike, the cash and fuel scarcity. All these events have shown why we need to Vote. The most crucial thing is voting. That way, rigging is not possible. Every single vote is as special as you are.

Nigeria is headed to glory!

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3 thoughts on “The Monumental 2023Elections.

  1. You never seize to amaze me with your spectacular writing. I’m definitely looking forward to the next one. A better Nigeria we pray.

  2. Hopefully, this one is really free and fair this time. In all we should pray for God’s guidance, Nigerians have seen enough.

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