The Thing About Feminism

I did say that it was time for a new era didn’t I? It’s time to shake some tables.

Whenever the subject of Feminism comes up, usually in a Twitter thread, in no time at all it’s bashed to pieces. Why does the idea of Feminism have to be negative? Leaves you wondering why?
I think there is a lot of underlying misunderstanding and misconception about what feminism is actually.
Basically…… this is majorly for people that think it’s just an excuse for women “to act out”
This post is for everybody though, but just so know what we are fighting for.

This thing called Feminism what is it sef?
Feminism- the belief and aim that women should have the same rights and opportunities with men. That’s what it simply is. If you really take your time to notice, our society for a longass time has been more favourable and forgiving to men (I am going somewhere with this chill). The main Koko is that we should continue to raise and support women to the point where things are on the same level for both sides. At the end of the day, Feminism wants equality, not favouritism, equality. So get?
Now on the topic of Ruger being sexually assaulted. That woman was completely wrong for violating him and yes she should be bashed wherever she is for what she did. Omo Ruger sef had mad self control for walking out like a king because had every right to retaliate.
Now back to the main subject

Common Tropes that are mistaken for Feminism
1. Generally that it’s about male bashing
If anything that’s not what feminism is about. Like I have said before it’s all about equality. What feminists don’t abide with is the toxicity that is deciding and sticking women to what positions and duty they should do. For example; the idea that women should only take care of the house, they should not go to school, old outdated opinions like that . That is what feminism cannot stand. So if you are of the opinion that women should be subjected to a particular role or behaviour you are defs not a feminist. If you go around bashing men for no reason, then aunty Abi uncle stop carrying feminist on your neck. Feminism doesn’t hurt men.

2. The idea that only women can be Feminist
Feminism is an open umbrella. It’s something that anyone can be. If you’re a man and a feminist you see what your mother, sisters and other women in your life face everyday and you are ready to support and fight for equality.

3. Feminists don’t give women the same judgement that they do to men.
True feminists are equal when weighing matters. If a man and a woman both do the same wrong thing in the same circumstance they deserve to be called up on their own shit in the same way.

4. That it’s just an excuse to complaining
No it isn’t, it’s highlighting underlying issues that have been existing in our society for yearssss.

How to be a feminist
• Educate yourself- read books, essays and articles on what you are about to become.
• Listen to women’s stories- years of patriarchy and toxic masculinity have stopped women from being in positions and expressing their opinions. So hearing personal experiences help you to relate to what the very concept is.
• Avoid toxicity and sexism – the way you say something can have a life changing experience on someone. So anything that has a hint of sexism should be stopped.
• Continue – it’s going to be a tough journey because people are going to be skeptical and apprehensive. Just know that we will one day get to our end goal.

Let’s clear up a few things;
• Stuff like opening doors, being nice, paying for dates e.t.c . Hmmmm you should be courteous to everyone, absolutely everyone. In a relationship people should establish what gestures they want to do to each other. You shouldn’t open the door for someone because she’s a woman.
• We should stop generalising things based on sexes. Like boys shouldn’t like pink or girls shouldn’t wear “boys” clothes. You should do what you want not based on sex.
• Talk about being both good husbands and wives. Most times, especially on our side of the world, girls are always being told how to be good wives when they eventually marry. Parents should also teach boys to good husbands. That they shouldn’t hit the woman in their lives. They shouldn’t be abusive in any way to their partners.
All these things apply to everyone.

In conclusion,
Take Feminism in the same light as Racism. All lives matter, but before all lives matter we have to acknowledge the fact that Black lives need to matter first so we can all live peacefully.

Read we should all be feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Thanks for reading.
Love and light❤️💡

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