The Year 2022 Was An Emotional Rollercoaster

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year.

When Rema said; “Steady fire, we leave no gap…..” 2022 took it a bit too seriously.

Welcome one and all to a general reflection of the monolith that is 2022.

FYI, this isn’t the fan favorite; “A year in review” (That’s arriving early January, God willing)

It’s as I mentioned; A reflection.

If you ask any random person, 2022 has been a whole lot. Whether the “a lot” was through seeing shege, see finish, sapa, breakfast, etc. Whatever it might have been, I’m sure you, my wonderful, inquisitive reader, through some bizarre experience, you most definitely share the common pain.

Let’s dive in.


The elephant in the room.

Financially, for myself and some others, this year has been really tough in this regard.

Somehow one would think, that buy some weird force, money refused to flow as much this year. At some point, “urgent” 2k degraded to “anything you fit send” It was hard to be generous and empathetic this year. No form of billing permitted. Honestly, the economy hasn’t been smiling this year.

For the first time in Nigerian history, dollar reached to a hefty 1000 Naira to 1 dollar. That was bloody.

Breakfast (Heartbreak)

I believe that we can all agree that we didn’t take the lyrics of Burna’s “Last Last” seriously enough. Consistency and break ups were besties 365 days. Stories of lies, manipulation, gaslighting, cheating and two timing ranged from ridiculously funny to downright disgusting. How can a guy have 7 girlfriends all at the same time? No be juju be that?💀

But being real, the relationship standards people have set these days is trash. Especially putting money above the main focus of a relationship; Love!

That’s gutter behavior fr.

See finish, Vawulence, Shege

If anyone here didn’t receive anyone of these, in any way, shape or form, signify. You deserve a good 2k. This year, people weren’t smiling at all. Any slight provocation, they dish out, woto woto at that. Before you know it, dem don wipe you Oraimo cord for neck.

If by chance you want to see these in action, just go to Twitter. That app is no man’s land.

Mental Health

With the state of the world, it’s hard to be stable mentally.

The importance of having a sound mind can not be understated. How else is one supposed to face all the rubbish that is to come.

At the same time, there was a lot that was misunderstood by the term mental health. Especially with Depression. Glorifying sadness is not the way to go tbvh. Not every small obstacle one faces affects your mental health. It’s a cumulation of real problems and deep issues.

Let’s fight against the clout chasing!

Family Issues

Family has the most direct impact on any one. So differences in perspective between family members does a lot on one’s psyche. Parents frustrated with the state of things, passing aggression onto their children who are struggling with school leads to a very bad mix.


There’s no doubt about it, schooling has been fierce this year. Especially with Nigerian students in Public Universities. Seven months plus worth of academic strike, adjusting after so long and to hurried tests and exams. That takes a toll on everyone.

Looking back, today, the last day of 2022, we can all stand triumphant, that we made it. Sure there were gigantic walls to scale, relentless races to run, we have made it through all the stronger and better. Al, the struggles have now formed an essential part of our identity.

2023 we go harder!

We manifest good vibes, blessings, positivity, and massive accomplishments this coming year.

Cheers 🥂

Afro Teens.

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