So…… it wasn’t a joke 🥲

This week has been hectic ngl. And it keeps on getting worse and worse.

Twitter has officially been suspended in Nigeria. Honestly I have a lot of emotions right now. At 12 am this morning, the order took effect. I knew they were going to do it, but I didn’t anticipate the hurriedness of it at all. I woke up this morning to check for any updates only to see that the app wasn’t functioning well. Twitter is the main source of advertising for many online businesses. It’s where we keep up with trends all over the world. It’s the source of news for many people. The fact that this has just been removed is devastating to me. The benefits that this app offered was essential for the #endsars movement. I do hope we can grow from this. Find ways to express ourselves freely in our own right. The good thing is that it’s trending all over the world, so everyone knows what’s happening over here. 

Just one question, where are you tweeting from? 😏

Lots of Love 🤎

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