What is happening in Nigeria (#END SARS)

The peaceful protests in Nigeria have turned to bloodshed of innocent protesters. Last night the 20th of October, 2020 has been called by many Nigerians; the mass genocide of protesters at the Lekki Toll gate. Videos have flooded the internet of soldiers opening fire to unarmed protesters. There are hundreds of photos and videos of dead and injured protesters all over Nigeria. Even after the mass genocide that happened yesterday night, Nigerians are still protesting and are not giving up. As of this morning there have been a number of shootings all over Lagos. This time, the shootings have not been responded to by peace but rather with violence. The BRT transport buses have been burnt in many parks, popular news station; TVC has been burning since early this morning. These protests over these past weeks are different from other protests from past years. It seems to be a new revolution, Nigerians are beginning to realize that changes can be made, they are tired of the same transgressions. Nigerians are recalling Asa’s popular song; Fire on the mountain because the lyrics seem so true to the unrest in Nigeria right now. If the government had ended the SARS would we still have these problems right now? They could have used many other alternatives to drive the protesters back from the toll gate. They could have used ; rubber bullets, water, tear gas but it was real bullets. There’s no doubt that even through this uncertainty Nigerians are holding up to faith, courage and strength in these trying times. What we as Nigerians need right now, is hope and faith that things will get better. Because dusk comes before dawn.


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