What teens can do in this trying period for Nigeria.

What a teenager can do in these trying times.

As if 2020 wasn’t getting bad enough, end SARS came and took Nigeria by storm. Lately as you must have known, Nigeria is going through turbulent times and uncertainty, and there are so many things that have changed these days. These days don’t even seem familiar, there’s just a weird vibe around.

End SARS affects each and everyone of us Nigerian teens. Even though we are not affected directly, we have people around us affected. We have older siblings, cousins, uncles, neighbours and older friends that have been brutalised and extorted. It also affects us because in a matter of years when we are using expensive phones and driving nice cars then we are open to being affected if we don’t end SARS.

 Of course none of our parents would allow us out of the house to talk more of protesting. There are a lot  of things we could do though, like;

• Creating massive awareness: I mean social media is our jam so let’s utilise it. Tweet, post, hashtag, snap anything at all to create awareness is very important so news can reach around the globe.

• Encourage your family and friends that are protesting: A single word of encouragement can motivate your uncle or neighbour to go that extra mile or to say more or do more.

• Pray: Prayer is key. Find if it’s just a minute to talk to God. Pray for families and friends protection.

• Apply your creativity: Use that amazing imagination to shake Nigeria. Sing songs, make videos, draw and paint stuff, anything that will pass the message.

• Be hopeful: All we can do right now is to hope. Keep faith that things will change. That things will get a lot better, that we can keep stories of how we survived this year and how we can face anything.

We are a great generation that will change the world ✊

The sun will never set on the Nigerian Empire 


Stay safe and Hopeful.

❤️ Afro Teens.

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