No one really asked for this, but I feel it’s something we subconsciously ask ourselves. What’s that fine girl carrying in that bag, what brand is the bag?

Stuff like that basically.

So here’s What is in my bag

P.S These things are subject to change as what I consider essential at different times.

Bag of Choice

I generally like a cross bag most times. Not those small ridiculous ones (with power bank, chord, and nothing else inside) that some people carry around. *coughs*

I like medium to big sizes, because I tend to carry quite a number of things around with me.

Another choice is a tote bag. Yes, these have become a must with me recently. Previously, it would seem weird for a guy to have one, but now they have become a trend that is here to stay. (my mom still has something to say about it though, lol) If you want affordable, stylish tote bags, visit on the gram.

Here they are; *My Must Carrys*

1.    My phone (obv)

2.    My earbuds~ to drown out the madness that exists in Lagos every day. Safety tip though: Make sure you can sufficiently hear your surroundings if you are wearing your buds outside. With ear buds it’s easier to ignore people, especially random strangers on the bus that want to talk.

3.    A small portable speaker~ Got it from a friend, pretty convenient

4.    My Inhaler. It’s good to be prepared, just in case of in casesties.

5.    Salbutamol tablets

6.    Hair Brush ~ you see, my hair likes to misbehave. It loves to do rodo rodo, and a fine boy like me can’t let that show when I am outside. I try as much as possible not to look like a rat.

7.    Roll on perfume/oil perfume ~ Why won’t you smell nice? Please don’t add body odour to your problems. Abeg.

8.    Lip balm. If, I mean when I get some *ahem* action, my lips can’t be like the Sahara desert.

9.    My sun shades ~ I just got them not too long ago but if mehn you see me. It’s giving major celeb vibes.

10.                       A Journal~ that’s where all my ideas come to life, to share with y’all.

11.                       Pen (ofc). I carry two, just in case. I can be very careless.

12.                       My normal prescription glasses

13.                       A marker/sharpie ~ I like to highlight crucial ideas and info that I can’t afford to forget.

14.                       A book to read. Right now, that book is; The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s wives. So far, so good it’s really interesting. I highly recommend it.

15.                       A charger. I hardly leave the house with less than 90% on my phone. But in case, by some unfortunate scenario or just by being dumb and forgetting to put on the switch, I carry that. I use an Oraimo charger brick. Very very durable. (Oraimo what do you say about a sponsorship for your gees)

16.                       Flash drives and transfer cables. A true anime weeb is never unprepared. I might never know when I’ll meet up with a fellow enthusiast.

17.                       Nose mask. So it turns out that the country is not exactly nose mask free like I thought. I hate spending money that I don’t plan for, so it’s handy to have one around.

18.                       House Keys. No explanation needed here

19.                       Cards ~ I might need money unexpectedly at any point, who knows?

Yes, there are these many things in my bag. Stay tuned for more things like this!

What’s in your bag?

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  1. I get so excited to read your write ups.

  2. Feels like I’m an unserious anime fan

    1. You gat to be prepared brooo

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