Why shutting it all out might not be the best……..

Please don’t mistake my context for this statement. I’m definitely not saying that we shouldn’t take moments aside to get away from all the issues we are constantly facing in this country, but we’ve gotten to a point where it’s too much. At this point, short escapes from the harsh reality we face does nothing to help our mental health. Most times it’s better for my sanity to pretend like there’s nothing wrong, but I can’t keep living in denial waiting for all the obstacles to disappear, I have to do something, somehow. If you’re like me; “living in pains, emotionally stressed, emotionally downcast and so confused of all about life” , let’s clean this mess.

Before we start fixing stuff, we have to see the problems and what’s causing them.

  1. Insecurity: This is not new by any means. There’s something always happening somewhere. Take the church attack at Owo, Osun state. Imagine going to church and losing your life. Is anything sacred anymore? May the lost souls rest in peace.
  1. Electricity: I am saying it here, before everyone, that NEPA and I are in a toxic relationship. I can’t do this anymore. How many times has the national grid had issues in the past half of this year? It’s a joke honestly.
  2. Expenses: Please don’t bill me, I take God beg you. Food, clothes, fuel, data (I am not ready for that conversation today), na everything don cost. That’s why you see Kala mode activated. Vawulence.
  1. ASUU: Big guys and girls in town are now professional plate washers. Private students can’t relate though….. Since February 14 of this year the academic union declared a nationwide strike and so far, at the time of typing this post, it’s been 145 days of strike. Honestly it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be called off anytime soon. Eyah.

 The question now is, What can bosses such as ourselves do though?

  1. Our mentality. It has to go. Sometimes we can be toxic when it comes to matters of our country, I know I can. But let’s forget about what or what not our government is doing and focus on development as a people. As one single unified entity. I believe when we are understanding of each other, we can grow in many ways together. As O.B.O puts it, “We rise by lifting others
  1. We vote. “Exercise your civil rights”, as long as you read Civi Ed, you know exactly what this means. It seems like there are three candidates to choose from; Peter Obi, Atiku Abubakar and Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Think about the next four years. Convince everyone possible to make the right choice. 
  1. We fix the cracks in our society. There are so many issues; sexism, abuse, theft, corruption, injustice, I could go on and on. It takes time, but slowly most assuredly we can remove them.

There’s so much we can do, 

We just have to break the cycle.

Stay safe



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